All Purpose Makeup Tips For A Busy You

  • Jyoti
  • Tue, Jun 26, 2018
All Purpose Makeup Tips For A Busy You

Ever wonder how some people can always manage to win attentions in a public gathering or a party, despite their otherwise ordinary look and facial imperfections? 
It's their regular and sensible makeup regimen that helps them look attractive and gain that X factor in their personality and confidence to charm others.

In my makeup tips, I will start with preparing your face before you add those color, tint and sheen on it. While it may not be the most exciting part of your daily routine, proper application of base makeup helps to cover the acne and other facial flaws, and provides with the ground layer which carries the upper layer embellishments. For the sake of better understanding,  we'll divide these beauty tips for women into four essential steps. Try  and get them by heart for getting ready, whether it is just the daily office going ( heck, sweep on a little mascara at the end to keep it simple) or building a radiant face for a party or some occasions.

Skin Preparation    
Preparing the facial skin is vital because a good makeup reflects best on a favorable skin. It's like the canvas on which paints are applied judiciously to create a picture. The better the quality of the canvas the better is the color effect.
Hydration is key to a healthy skin . Also important is cleansing of your facial skin off the dead cells. The skin specialists stress on adopting a regimen of facial at regular intervals. A facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and a younger looking skin. Once or twice in a week is generally acceptable to a dry or oily face.

Using a good quality facial moisturizer every day benefits you with further hydration of skin, more freshness and younger look and feel. It's also important because otherwise, makeup won't go on smoothly and will rather act negatively by highlighting dry patches, acnes, etc. If your skin is oily, opt for something light or something that controls oil so your makeup doesn't slide off. 

A Primer can be applied before the makeup to help it  stay longer.  Good ones like HD Primer or Zero pores Primer from GlamGals will also help even out skin tone, and reduce the look of imperfections and pores. As an additional advantage the primer provides SPF 10 for a little sun protection boost.

Selecting the perfect foundation color which should match your skin tone, is the most important factor in Foundation. A good way to find it may be by drawing one or two lines along your jaw and let them dry out in a minute or two. Once dried they appear with their actual color. The one that is closest to your skin tone should be selected. You may try from the GlamGals range of Compact and other foundations. Creamy foundations are  more appropriate for winter than the powder foundations.  

How to apply
Use a sponge for a very smooth and even finish. When time is short you may use your fingers. Want more coverage? Try a brush.

Where to apply
Generally there is no need to apply foundation all over the face, because outer portions of the face are just fine without foundation. Focus on the area around the center line covering forehead, cheeks, eyelids, nose and chin.

Trouble spots
If any spot needs special coverage, like dark spots or blemishes, dab on a little foundation with your finger or a small, concealer brush. If more coverage is needed, apply concealer. 

Don't overdo it 
Be particular about keeping it just enough to look natural because a slight overuse may  cause it seem artificial. Try to use very little amount for everyday use, whereas for some occasion you may  indulge in a little more to carry a slightly polished look. 

Time of year 
The skin color is not the same throughout the year. Your foundation color that works great in the winter may seem somewhat lighter in the summer because your skin color get darker in summer. 

Concealer & Corrector 
A concealer & corrector has a specific purpose of further neutralizing such things as under eye circles, age spots, large pores, and other blemishes present on the skin. But they also  brighten the skin by reflecting light. You may choose a 'Pure Radiance Pen' or from the multi-color palette varieties from GlamGals. 

How To Apply 
Since they are to be applied selectively and on smaller areas, it is better to use brushes or can also be applied by fingers.

It is best to pick a color close to your skin tone. There shouldn't be noticeable difference between the concealer color and the rest of the face.
Under The Eyes - To counter darkness in eye areas, apply concealer judiciously near the inner and outer corners as well as under the eyes.

Apply It Just A Little
Since it's thicker than foundation, a less careful approach may land you in a cakey look. Start with a thin layer and slowly build up as needed. 
Pat It Gently - Don't rub it or you'll end up rubbing it off completely. Instead, blend by patting it lightly with your finger.  

Finally a little powder to finish your makeup for a fresh and natural look. 
How to apply - It is best to apply powder along the T zone. where the face can get oily. Use a fluffy brush for a more natural finish. But carefully apply the puff with a little powder on the trouble spots for an extra cover after the foundation and concealer.
Loose or pressed - Loose powder makes the look more natural, but not very practical for quick touch ups during the busy schedule of a day.  

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